I.P. Melezh Museum-Estate

On February 12, 1983, I.P. Melezh Museum-Estate was opened in the village of Hlinishcha. The museum exposition is located in four halls. The first one containes household items, which peasants used in the past: a distaff with linen oakum, a churn, a mortar, a rocking chair and other items.

The second hall exposition begins with the stand with photographs of writer's parents. There are photos of grandparents on his motherside, brothers, sisters, classmates, teachers, primary school, where the writer studied, etc.

In the third hall, I. A. Shastapalau's pictures "On The Pripyat", "Spring Motive", I. T. Tikhonova's "Melezh's Youth", photos of writer's friends and relatives are placed. In the same room there are a desk, a carpet, a coffee table with a printing machine, a bookcase brought from I. P. Melezh's cabinet in Minsk.

In the fourth hall exposition, writer's personal things are presented: a coat, a costume, a hat, a cap, a briefcase, a folder. Writer's and  his friends' photos are placed. The storefronts present diplomas, congratulatory telegrams, postcards and writer's works in different languages.